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Social Action

As Bishops' Adviser for Church and Society, I'm compiling examples of how engagement in social action, community activity, or involvement in local projects has helped build up the church. Please tell me about your examples! Numerical growth isn't everything, but results needs to be positive for the local church, and measurable.

Postiwyd gan: Carol Wardman • Postiwyd ar: 03/07/2014 08:57 • Post Cyntaf

Please folks respond - if you have story to share about how you or someone you know came into contact with the church through a social/community project then please let Carol know. This is a valuable piece of research Carol is doing. Many thanks

Postiwyd gan: Jon • Postiwyd ar: 31/07/2014 23:36 • Ateb:#1

One person who is now a member of our church was sent to prison, due to a miscarriage of justice - later proved. Whilst in prison, the congregation where his family attended church, wrote to him in prison regularly whilst he was in prison. What the congregation did not know was that he had made a commitment to Jesus while in prison, but was concerned that the congregation would not accept him when he came out. However, his prayers were answered by the many cards that were sent. A year after his release he was confirmed by the Archbishop and worships regularly with his new fiancee at our church.Such a simple act of compassion and goodness has brought so much wealth to our church by being enlivened by this individual and his partner's faith.

Postiwyd gan: Parish Priest • Postiwyd ar: 31/07/2014 23:47 • Ateb:#2


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