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The Gathering and the Review

At the recent Governing Body, matters 'moral, doctrinal and ecumenical' were discussed but there appears to be little discussion as to how these issues relate to anything in the Review document, which is surprising considering the passing of the motion on "The Gathering". How would the recommendations for a pattern of ordained ministry in a uniting Church sit with the review's ministry areas - would we really see ecumenical ministers leading whole parishes, presiding weekly over the Holy Eucharist?

Postiwyd gan: Hosea Parks • Postiwyd ar: 21/05/2014 16:18 • Post Cyntaf

Whilst progress is being made at a national level on bringing the churches of Wales together - through the proposals of The Gathering - much of the work of the Review is currently focused on changes at a local level. But there is further scope here too for progress to be made. In the Provincial Framework for Ministry Areas adopted by the Governing Body in September last year, there was a clear recognition of the opportunites for working with partner churches that the development of Ministry Areas and in particular Ministry Area Teams can bring (for example in sharing buildings and ministry). The Implementation Group is talking with the Commission of Covenanted Churches and the Bench of Bishops about ways in which exploration of these opportunities can be encouraged in each community as part of the 2020 Vision process.

Postiwyd gan: Julian Luke, Review Officer • Postiwyd ar: 12/08/2014 12:49 • Ateb:#1


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